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The Cartel Story is filled with







and other illegal and dangerous things which accrue serious profit if traded
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01 Stake CARTEL To earn Resource Tokens
Besides $CARTEL native primary token, which trades openly on exchanges, Cartel Farm ecosystem also consists of so-called resource tokens. These tokens can be generated within the platform and traded for profit.

Resource tokens are the gateway earning options on Cartel platform. Users can earn resource tokens by staking $CARTEL. They can exchange resource tokens yields for $CARTEL at any time with a fixed rate or stake them for high-APR returns. And so, investors can generate resource tokens by staking $CARTEL, and vice versa, return $CARTEL by staking resource tokens in high-APR staking pools.
02 Follow the Story And Adapt Your Strategy
The Cartel farm is a unique project because it has an actual back story with an exciting plot. Immediately the Cartel Farm story begins, the platform goes live. At this time a variety of staking pools opens and passive income becomes available to the Cartel Gang As time goes, the platform develops and new chapters of the Cartel Story are published on a weekly basis. Platform's passive income structure will undergo adjustments according to the development of the plot.

The APR conditions in staking pools and exchange rate of resource tokens are directly connected with the plot of the story. For example, if the profit on exporting weed in the story increases, the APR condition in the $WEED staking pool and the $WEED exchange rate will be increased as well. That is why Cartel Gang needs to follow the Cartel Story and modify their staking strategies based on the plot changes. Things that bring Cartel Gang the biggest profits in Cartel Story will bring the most profits for Cartel Gang in real life as well.
03 Own NFT Boosters And Multiply Your Earnings
For each resource token that can be earned while staking $CARTEL, an NFT-booster will be issued. For instance, the $WEED resource token will have an WEED NFT-booster.

NFT-boosters can be minted on the Cartel platform. Owning an NFT-booster will multiply APR rates and increase an exchange rate for a particular resource token. For example, COCAINE NFT boosts $COCAINE staking line and increases the exchange rate for a $COCAINE resource token.

COCAINE NFTs only boost $COCAINE earnings and $COCAINE exchange rate. In the same way, to boost other resource tokens, you will need their respective NFT boosters. Majority of the funds collected during Cartel NFT sales are used for constant $CARTEL buyback, which has a positive impact on the $CARTEL token price.
04 Enjoy Constant Buybacks And Burns
Through the Buyback & Burn process, Cartel Farm aims to create a deflationary mechanism for the $CARTEL token and increase its value in the long run, as well as bring additional profits to holders.

Cartel Farm has two main sources of Buyback & Burn mechanism. First source is the in-app $CARTEL fees paid by users while using the platform, such as unstake fees for $CARTEL staking pools or exchange fees for resource token trades. Second source of funds for Buyback & Burn comes from NFT sales revenue, as the major part of funds collected during these sales are used for $CARTEL buyback.

By doing so, the platform creates a constant $CARTEL Buyback & Burn mechanism that supports the growth and price stability of $CARTEL tokens once it is listed for secondary trading and makes the token more attractive to investors.
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Cartel Farm is a story driven blockchain staking platform.
All events and characters described in Cartel Farm Story are fictitious.
Any reference to living persons or real events is purely coincidental.
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